Testimonials Individuals

“Burberry had recommended ColorWash to me in 2008. My bags look almost new after cleaning at ColorWash!”
Ms. Pearlyn Tseng, customer at ColorWash @ Siglap Centre, Singapore

“ColorWash cleaned all my branded bags so I could re-sell them at a competitive price!”
Ms. Helen Choo, customer at ColorWash @ West Coast Plaza, Singapore

“It was my first time trying out ColorWash. I brought my wallet in for cleaning and it was good!”
Ms. Valerie Chua, customer at ColorWash @ West Coast Plaza, Singapore

“What an interesting concept! I brought a bag in for coloring…and love the result. My bag looks new again.”
Ms. Zoe Tay, Mediacorp artist and customer at ColorWash @ Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

“Excellent! This LV bag has sentimental value to me, but the inner compartment of the bag was moldy. I was ready to discard it, until my colleague introduced me to ColorWash. The staff brought my bag “alive” again! Thank you so much!”
Ms. Patricia Teng, customer at ColorWash, Singapore

“I found out about ColorWash through the internet, and brought my bag in. It’s fresh and clean now! The service provided by the staff was really friendly and good!”
Ms. Soo Mee Yit, customer at ColorWash, Singapore

“I walked by ColorWash@United Square a few months ago. One day I decided to try out the bag coloring service. It was great! My 10 year-old bag now looks brand new!”
Ms. April Chia, customer at ColorWash@United Square, Singapore

“My friend recommended me to ColorWash and I was impressed with their friendly staff and efficiency.”
Ms. Magdalene Eng, customer at ColorWash, Singapore

“Just managed to thoroughly check the bags out & am very pleased with the result of the cleaning, even the tiny mould surrounding all the metal clasps on the LV bag were cleaned out & looking shiny again. The overall color of the bags also seems more radiant too. This is an absolutely brilliant way to keep treasured leather items in pristine condition! Thanks to ColorWash @ Marina Square!”
Ms. Patricia Tan, customer at ColorWash@ Marina Square, Singapore

“I took a black leather vintage carry-on bag (that belonged to my grandmother from the ‘60s) to ColorWash. The staff really managed and then EXCEEDED my expectations. They cleaned the bag and were able to get 90% of the stains out. I’m more than happy with their work, and it makes me feel closer to my family and grandmother to walk through the airport with that old piece of luggage that now looks great.”
Mr. Brian Witte, customer at ColorWash @ Siglap Centre, Singapore

“ColorWash managed to rescue my bag. It looked almost brand new after touching up the color. Most importantly, the people are passionate about what they do, and provide excellent advice and services. I definitely will come back again and recommend my friends to come to this outlet, to enjoy the special experience I had.”
Ms. Belinda Teo, customer at ColorWash @ China Square Central, Singapore

“No over-promise and under-delivery of service! I have sent more than 15 bags to ColorWash and they inspected each and every one of them professionally, regardless how mold and, yucky smelling the bags were. I am extremely happy with the quality of what they did for my bags. My bags look and smell great!”
Ms. Siew Wah, customer at ColorWash @ Siglap Centre, Singapore

“Professional assessment, fair proposal!”
Mr. Henry Lau, customer at ColorWash @ United Square, Singapore

“Every bag, belt or shoe that I have sent to ColorWash had been painstakingly restored to its former glory by their very dedicated staff. Naysayers who saw the condition of my bags were very skeptical of any hope and recommended disposal. However they have been proven wrong by Mike and his terrific team at ColorWash @ Siglap Centre, who resurrected my treasured possessions with passion and panache. Kudos!”
Mr. Prem Sudran, customer at ColorWash @ Siglap Centre, Singapore

“I have a good number of leather products of sentimental value, and wanted to ensure that the cleaning service is safe and reliable. It was delightful finding like-minded friends at ColorWash @ Siglap Centre, who shared my concerns and were able to offer practical advice on how to maintain the leather items. They helped to restore my leather goods to an immaculate condition, and I am always assured that my leather goods are in safe hands. I would definitely recommend ColorWash’s services to my friends.”
Mr. Kelly Khoo, customer at ColorWash @ Siglap Centre, Singapore