Testimonials Boutiques

In reference to a beautiful YSL bag brought in and “touched up for my customer, she is very happy with the service provided…Thanks for your help”.
– Yves Saint Laurent, ION Orchard

Irene first learnt of ColorWash in 2006 when her retail customer complimented their high level of service. She felt ColorWash to be very professional, providing excellent advice and explained what their services entailed in a clear and precise manner.
– Ms Irene Tan, FJ Benjamin

“ColorWash has provided high-quality, reliable cleaning and coloring services for many of our satisfied customers.”
– Julie, Fendi

“Many of our customers have been very satisfied by the quality of cleaning and coloring services provided by ColorWash.”
– Imelda, Loewe

“Many of our customers have gone back to ColorWash repeatedly to clean, color and maintain their bags and shoes.”
– Jasmine, Celine

“Over the years, ColorWash has proven herself to be the leader in this niche market with her constant high-quality, reliable cleaning and coloring services, forming an ever growing list of satisfied customers.”
– Nadia, Miu Miu